12 Beautiful Hollywood Girls Who Love Wearing Daisy Dukes

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8. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was the one to bring Daisy Duke and the dukes back to life, although her snug fit in her dukes for the Dukes of Hazzard movie isn’t why she made this list. 

In fact, Jessica Simpson can still make cut-off shorts and a bikini look just as fabulous as she could over 10 years ago. She is most definitely still one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood. 

7. Ariel Winter

Speaking of Daisy Dukes, Ariel Winter absolutely loves wearing them. In fact, she flaunts them as often as possible on Instagram! She loves wearing the most form fitting dukes possible and often leaves little to the imagination, which has the effect of getting tongues wagging and jaws dropping. 

Winter loves showing off her other assets, which are also quite impressive. That is if the dukes weren’t enough to make your heart race already.

6. Charlotte McKinney

One of the hottest things about Charlotte McKinney are her long sexy legs that lead right up to her vivacious curves. This beautiful Hollywood girl has a smokin’ hot body that could almost put Bach and her Daisy’s to shame. 

McKinney loves to wear them everywhere. She can make them look sexy, yet classy or simply just hot as she peels them off of her thong bikini at the beach. Which she has done, if you don’t believe me just check for yourself.

5. Samantha Hoopes

Samantha Hoopes is one beautiful Hollywood girl that could almost make you forget your own name. She is shockingly stunning as she flaunts her leggy frame, rockin’ body, and those other wonders that she happens to possess above! 

Hoopes has made plenty of fashion statements with dresses that show off more than just a little. Kind of like last year at the premiere for Magic Mike XXL, but she still looks her best in those hot Daisy Dukes, which we really can’t get enough off.

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