12 Beautiful Hollywood Girls Who Love Wearing Daisy Dukes

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Who wears short shorts? Celebs do, that's who! 

Beautiful Hollywood girls love to wear Daisy Dukes, all girls love how they make them feel, and boys love to stare at them. There is just something about showing off just enough, without ever really giving the whole view. 

So why not celebrate the history of something so desirable, by taking a look at 12 beautiful Hollywood girls who wear Daisy Dukes.

12. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and her wardrobe never fail to amaze! She knows just how to keep everybody talking whether it be from an invite to her half-time Super Bowl performance offered to fans via a Pepsi contest, or simply walking around in Daisy Dukes with a very short crop top, no bra, and a glimpse of underboob. 

However, not in an icky gross way, but a slight glance kind of way that makes your mind want to sensor your toes to clench up…  By the way, she definitely looks like a Hollywood girl, doesn’t she?


11. Rihanna

Yes, Rihanna has done it all. She is famous for her music, acting, modeling, designer, and of course she is absolutely gorgeous. If there were only a couple of Hollywood girls who belonged on a list for wearing Daisy Dukes, Rihanna would have to be one of them. 

Not only does Rihanna know just how to flaunt them right, but she also deserves to! Is there anyone else who can make Daisy Dukes look different, yet hot every time they are worn?

10. Mara Teigen

Mara Teigen isn’t your average beautiful Hollywood girl, yet then again maybe she is. This almost-fresh face has made a lot of waves lately because of her striking resemblance to beautiful Hollywood lady, Angelina Jolie. This has made her very famous on Instagram and in various news circles. 

At some point, she was unexpectedly caught walking in Hollywood with some Daisy Dukes on and gave a glance back, which lead to the rather stunning image above. It’s kind of hard not to admit that she is indeed a very beautiful Hollywood girl, who most definitely knows how to rock her Daisy Dukes.

9. Miley Cyrus

One can only hope to run across this beautiful Hollywood girl, while out and about in some Daisy Dukes. Miley Cyrus’ long leggy stems would have made the dukes famous had she not been beat by Catherine Bach over 30 years ago. 

Miley is yet another Hollywood girl, who loves to shock the world. It almost doesn’t seem like she has calmed down at all, ever since she graduated from Disney to mainstream. However, we most definitely love her for it!

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