12 Banned Super Bowl Commercials That Never Aired

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What’s the one thing people like more than Super Bowl ads? Sex. Oh, and family. Oh, and ice cream. Oh, and commercials that have been banned from the Super Bowl!

The aim of most Super Bowl advertisers remains creating a must-see commercial that will have everyone talking during the big game, like Carl's Jr.’s new Super Bowl commercial

But there is another increasingly viable way to viral word-of-share success: producing the can't-see Super Bowl commercial. 

So since that is the unquestionable case -- do not question it -- we have decided to round up some of the most famous banned Super Bowl commercial from years past: 

PETA - Veggie Love

Rolling Rock - Ricochet

Ashley Madison, starring Savanna Samson (2011)

Bud Light - Apology-Bot 3000

Bud Light - Apology-Bot 3000 (Again)

Durex - Our Protection


Bud Light - Clothing Drive

Snickers - Mechanic Kiss

Bud Light - Skinny Dipping

KGB - It's In The Hole 

Bud Light - Bottle Opener



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