12 Anime Specials of Christmas

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It's December and December means Christmas! And Christmas means anime Christmas specials! 

To get every one ready for the festivities, we count down the twelve anime specials of Christmas.

1. Punchline

The end of the world is coming, and it’s going to happen right after Christmas!

The protagonist, Yuta, must travel back in time in order to prevent this fate. How many Christmas parties can one man endure?


2. Nichijou – Episode 22

In this very brief Helvetica Standard segment, Santa visits a young boy and offers him a delightful present… Delicious melon bread.

Unfortunately, the boy is less than impressed. A dramatic story in less than 3 minutes.

3. Azumanga – Episode 17

It’s almost Christmas, so the girls start getting ready… By talking about pandas, doing karaoke, watching the first snow and… dreaming about Chiyo’s cat dad being Santa?

4. Hetalia – Episode 31

The countries investigate how everyone celebrates Christmas, with some creepy results…

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