12 Anime Scenes So Disturbing That You'll Regret Watching It

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You are on the dark side of anime again, in this list you’ll find most disturbing anime scenes. I suggest not to watch it but here’s the list.

Warning: Few pictures and videos used in this post are not for faint hearted. Extremely gore and not safe for work.

1. Tokyo Tribe 2 - Goosh Goosh

This is right on the border of most disturbing, while not being in the category of the previously mentioned videos.

2. School Days - The Boat Cruise Ending

The ending is infamous, with the final moments being filled with bloody death and a head in a bag.

3. Nisenmonogatari : Toothbrush Incest

It's impossible to talk about this scene without grasping your face and letting out an exasperated sigh that says: "Maybe every human should be dead." 

4. Hellsing Ultimate - Seras Forced to Relive the Rape of Her Mother’s Corpse

Hellsing Ultimate is filled with gore and disturbing moments, but Seras' childhood memory tops them all. In a fight against Zorin, Seras is forced to relive the murder of her parents, being shot, and the rape of her mother's corpse.

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