12 Animals That Don't Give A Damn About Our Stupid Human Laws

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Humans have made up a lot of rules to keep order, but in the animal kingdom? Things are still a bit more wild!

The 12 animals on this list don't give a damn about stupid human rules. Do we seriously expect a sign to keep dogs out of a park? Or a front door to keep kangaroos from breaking in and eating all of our toilet paper? 

From the looks of things, some of these animals are completely aware that they're breaking the law, but they couldn't care less.

1. "A sign won't stop me! My kind has been climbing these rocks for centuries."


2. Bold move, bird. You are a true rebel.

3. This mama cat is already teaching her baby how to break the rules.

Mama cat teaches her kitten how to break the rules.

4. "You expect me to jump OVER this? Silly human!"

Rabbit breaks the rules.
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