12 Animals That Are So Ugly, They're Actually Quite Cute

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Sometimes animals are just so ugly that they're actually quite cute.

You know what we're talking about. Don't deny that you find your neighbor's hairless cat adorable when it stares out the living room window at you.

We've compiled a list of some of nature's most underrated creatures in the cuteness department. 

1. Blob Fish

Let us introduce you to blobfish. Voted the world’s ugliest animal, he does look like a fetal Frenchman with a massive jawline. But he’s also kind of a cute blob…


2. Aye-Aye

If you love animals, but you don’t think he’s cute, don’t worry. That doesn’t make you a hippo-crit.

3. ‘Strangler’ Monkeys

‘Strangler’ monkeys: Cute or terrifying drag queens?

4. Sphynx Cats

Some people call them devil cats, or ‘spawn of satan’, and others (mostly people with bad allergies) think they’re the sweetest breed of cats around.

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