11 Television Shows Tried to Sneakily Replace Your Favorite Characters

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9. The OC

Kaitlin, originally played by Shailene Woodley ...

Replaced By...

Willa Holland. Yes, Shailene Woodley played Kaitlin back when she was younger and pretty much nonexistent. Willa Holland played Kaitlin when we were all actually reminded that, oh yeah, Marissa had a sister!

10. Pretty Little Liars

Jason, originally played by Parker Bagley ...

Replaced By...

Drew Van Acker. That's because the original actor, Parker Bagley, seemed way too old and creepy to be Jason, who would go on to weirdly hit on every girl, especially Aria.


11. 30 Rock

Jenna Maroney, originally played by Rachel Dratch ...

Replaced By...

Jane Krakrowski. After some changes, Tina Fey said they decided to use Rachel in a different way and have Jane Krakrowski play Jenna.

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