11 Television Shows Tried to Sneakily Replace Your Favorite Characters

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You know when you’re watching a TV show and suddenly, something about a character seems a little bit… off? 

It usually takes a minute for you to put your finger on it, but suddenly you’re like, “HOLD ON A SECOND. That’s not the same actor or actress who played that character last season!”

Sometimes, TV shows get a little tricky by switching up the actor or actress who played a certain character. They always try to do this really nonchalantly, like they expect viewers not to notice there is a completely different person in the show. And obviously, none of the other characters acknowledge that anything weird is going on.

But it didn’t get by us! Here are 11 of the most stand-out TV show switches we’ve noticed:

1. Game Of Thrones

Daario Naharis, originally played by Ed Skrein...

Replaced by...

Michiel Huisman. Although it was reported that Skrein quit the show, he clarified that he was forced out because "politics led to us parting ways."


2. That '70s Show

Laurie Forman, orignally played by Lisa Robin Kelly...

Replaced by...

Christina Moore. Kelly left the show due to a drinking problem. Sadly, Kelly died in 2013 from an accidental overdose.

3. Family Guy

Meg Griffin, originally voice by Lacey Chabert...

Replaced By...

Mila Kunis. Chabert left after the first season because she was too busy with school and Party Of Five.

4. Friends

Carol, Ross's ex-wife, originally played by Anita Barone...

Replaced By...

Jane Sibbett. Anita Barone left after just one appearance, and went on to star on The Jeff Foxworthy Show and The War At Home.

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