11 Sexy Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Soccer Fans

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Soccer has been trying to break through in the United States for a long time. Still, it’s not as popular is it could (or should) be. 

So we’re going to use sexy celebrities to endorse the sport! Check out these 11 sexy celebrity soccer fans, and see if your cold soccer heart isn’t warmed by the end….

1. Shakira

Wherever, whenever, Shakira and soccer are meant to be together. Soccer will be there, and Shakira will be here – that’s just the way, my dear! 

At any rate, Shakira doesn’t keep it true to her Colombian roots. Her favorite team actually happens to be FC Barcelona

Of course, whenever there’s a FIFA World Cup to be had, you can bet that Shakira won’t be too far away. Perhaps you’ve caught one of her World Cup theme songs? If not, go look them up!

2. Charlize Theron

If you’re going to have a list of sexy celebrities, then you’ve pretty much got to include Charlize Theron, right? 

Of course, things are more difficult if you’re limiting your list to sexy celebrities who also love soccer. 

Lucky for us, Charlize is a fan of the sport, and Charlize is just into the sport of soccer, although it seems she may have a preference for Chelsea United. At any rate, here’s to another excuse to gawk at Charlize Theron. Yum.

3. Victoria Beckham

Speaking of people you want to include on a list of sexy celebrities, how about Victoria Beckham, AKA Posh Spice? This one’s practically a gimme! 

After all, she happens to be married to one of the most famous soccer players in the world, David Beckham

We did some research, and we couldn’t figure out what team, specifically, we support, but we’d like to think she supports any team that’s involved with her husband.

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