11 Hot Celebs With Too Many Wardrobe Malfunctions

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9. Kate Upton – Wardrobe Malfunction Tease

She is great doing a Marilyn Monroe moment (skirt caught in the wind kind of thing). She tends to laugh and go with the flow. She makes wardrobe malfunctions fun again. And there are many times when that ample cleavage is fighting to free itself. Again, she giggles and smiles and gets on with it.  

Wardrobe malfunctions the way Marilyn would have done them. She’s saying, “look boys, look”. Kate Upton rocks the moment.

10. Iggy Azalea – Rapper With Rips And Slits

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea tends to favor lycra, that often rips, revealing those private bits. She is also fond of dresses and skirts with slits up to her belly button (almost). And like singers everywhere she does a great line of short skirts that fly up and reveal whatever is underneath. 

Take MTV’s Europe Music Awards and that black dress with slits that revealed (on purpose?) her lady bits when she tried to adjust them. Or the time she performed in lycra that ripped and reveal those same assets. Oh dear. It seems to be something of a habit. 

But, we have learned two things about our Iggy: One, she definitely waxes and secondly, she is not fond of underwear.


11. Sofia Vergara – Free The Cheeks

TV’s Modern Family’s Latina bombshell likes to wear tight, tight and more tight. And, as a result, those T&A assets often break out into the sunshine or spotlight. It’s hard to imagine that the malfunctions are always an accident. 

Like at the Emmy Awards a few years back. No, it’s not cleavage. It’s the other end. Gloria would just stomp her feet and tell you to get a life. 

Sofie Vergara tried to pretend she had tried to have it sewn up but those assets broke free. Well, see, once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. But by the time you get to three or four… well then it becomes a kind of flashing, we think.

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