11 Hot Celebs With Too Many Wardrobe Malfunctions

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5. Miley Cyrus – In Your Face Malfunction Superstar

Where do we begin? There was the time she got out of a car wearing no underwear. How did we know? Guess. Or the time her loose hot pants revealed her lady parts. Or those “unintentional” freeing the nipple moments. Or those cheek-baring, lady-parts-exposing mini dresses she wears on stage. Oh, to be in the front row at those gigs. 

She’s right up there with the likes of Kendall Jenner when it comes to planned wardrobe malfunctioning. There’s not even much of a hint that it was a mistake. She is, after all, queen of the “free the nipple” campaign or, as some uncharitable souls say, the “take your clothes off and pretend it is in a good cause” brigade. 

Would Miley do that? Dumb question. Of course she would.

6. Kendall Jenner – Best All Rounder

Let’s call Kendall Jenner the queen of planned wardrobe malfunctioning. Or the diva with the greatest wardrobe malfunction potential. 

Like that flowing, loose white blouse cut almost down to her navel. From the side, it’s a great view of those perky assets, nipples and all. 

Or take that long gray dress with a side slit that goes up to her underwear. This is deliberate wardrobe malfunctioning at its very best. Think about it. She can’t be wearing anything under there… They were praying for heavy winds that night.

7. Ariana Grande – Flashing

Ariana Grande is a full-blown diva, a former child star diva who has blossomed into an adult queen-bee diva. She is fond of very short skirts that, as at the Billboard Music Awards, reveal that not so sensible underwear. Like the audience sitting below her on stage can look right up…

Usually though, it is those short school uniform skirts she dances and gyrates and obligingly bends over in that reveal her taste in thongs or whatever. With Ariana, it’s not so much “malfunction” as flashing. Of course, she denies it. Hey, she’s perfect.

8. Selena Gomez – Oops I Did It Again Diva

There are two kinds of stars as far as wardrobe malfunctions are concerned. There are the “oops it was an accident” ones like Selena Gomez, and the wardrobe malfunction as a choice ones like Miley Cyrus or Kendall Jenner. 

On the surface, Gomez maintains a certain little girl, classy vibe and so her malfunctions are put down to mistakes. True? Maybe. Maybe not. 

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you are elevated on a stage and wearing minis or slit skirts, the view from down below is going to be spectacular. Sure she does it on purpose. But if you are still appearing in teen magazines, you have to pretend it was an oopsie.

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