11 Hot Celebs With Too Many Wardrobe Malfunctions

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You know the old Hollywood adage: The only bad publicity is no publicity. So, “accidentally” revealing you’re not wearing underwear gets you noticed. And it’s not just a Hollywood thing. Even the Royals get involved. 

So, here is your guide to 11 totally hot and totally young things who are guaranteed (almost) to show you those naughty bits on a pretty regular basis. It’ll help you decide who to follow on social media. 

Now, we can’t always show you the uncensored image, but then you can Google it on your own and… Look.

1. Kate Middleton – Nice Range Of Undies

She the “commoner” who became a princess. And Kate Middleton has been “Royal” for getting onto six years. But it’s just a fact that the tabloids are getting a little tired of all those wardrobe goofs. We’ve seen underwear, cleavage and more. And those naked pictures on holiday. 

See, the thing is this: Most celebrities who wear lighter weight flowing or full skirts put little weights along the hem to hold them down just in case of a gust of wind. Not our Kate. Six years on and still making mistakes? Doubtful. 

Come on, Kate. Get with the program. Yes, you’ve got nice legs. And the underwear is getting onto hot. But enough already.


2. Nicki Minaj – Queen Of The Wardrobe Malfunction

There are distinct styles of wardrobe malfunctions. There are skirts-in-the-air divas like Kate Middleton. There are short-skirts-on-stage singers like Ariana Grande. And there are “free the nipple” ones like Nicki Minaj. 

The rapper usually goes for freestyle FTN, wearing low-cut, loosely fitting barely-there tops. Oops. It happened again and again (and again). If there’s a queen of wardrobe malfunctions, it’s our 40-28-45 (34F) Nicki. Talk about getting an eye full.

3. Kim Kardashian – Busting Out All Over

When you are a Kardashian and an exhibitionist, it’s not so much a wardrobe malfunction as it is advertising. Kim puts this stuff up on social media. Look at me! Look at me! Make me richer. 

The cellulite disappears and the waist is nipped in, but those revealing wardrobe malfunctions stay in. Nobody is even surprised anymore. And, like Kate Middleton and others like Miley Cyrus, little Kim K. is in danger of over-saturation and turning us all off rather than on. 

She does better with those bathroom selfies that are supposed to show lots (and we mean lots) of skin. But the “accidents”? Planned down to the last detail some say. We’re not surprised.

4. Rihanna – T&A Superstar

It doesn’t take much (other than a lot of money) to get Rihanna to bare her bits on magazine covers and in photoshoots. Bashful she ain’t. So, for her, a mere wardrobe malfunction that reveals what the world has already seen many, many times seems, well, a little tame. 

But, nonetheless it’s worth having a look. Like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna’s style is “pretend you don’t notice” and just watch those cameras go click, click, click. 

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