11 Drivers Who Pimped Their Car Way, Way Too Hard

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You may have seen some of the cars that have been pimped.

But lets face it, sometimes they go too far! Sometimes it is just too crazy or over the top and makes it look rubbish, and sometimes people try and copy what they see on the TV show.

1. The owner of this vehicle, who took the term pimping a little too literally

2. Whoever modified this exhaust

3. This person who really likes their fruit

4. The owner of this sad looking Transformer

5. The artistic genius behind this A+ paint job

6. The presumably tiny owner of what’s left of this car

7. This guy who just thought “fuck it”

8. The owner of this car who’s sacrificed looks for speed

9. This man who’s all about the rim length

10. And this one who’s all about width

11. The mind behind this automobile that has more pipes than a church organ

What is the point, you genius!

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