11 Crap British Foods Americans Wouldn't Understand

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Warning: contains NSFW photo of a battered sausage.

1. Beans on toast

One of a handful of privileged crap British foods that are acceptable for breakfast, lunch, or tea.


2. Jelly and Carnation milk

Pretty fucking bizarre when you try it for the first time, but very moreish. The evaporated milk is weirdly salty next to the jelly's sweet, watery blandness.

3. Rich tea and tea

Rich teas are one of those biscuits you don't think you want, but as soon as you eat one you remember it's the best biscuit of all time. You have no idea what you've been doing with your life, but it certainly hasn't involved eating enough rich teas.

4. Bacon butty

Three to four rashers of bacon, slightly browned from the pan, shiny with salty-grease that soaks into the soft white bap. Ideally served with a cup of tea in a wet field somewhere.

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