11 Best Exercises to Make Your Butt Look Great in A Bikini

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The countdown is on for bikini season! Want to have a tight tush by the time you hit the beach? Want to have a better butt than Miss BumBum?

You want to know and we want to help. It’s not difficult to get a great butt, you just need a little information to set you on the right path. 

Here are the top 11 ways to get rid of a flat butt, and make your butt look great in a Bikini.

1.Stop Saying Your Flat Bum Is Just Bad Genetics

The only thing bad genetics ever prevented anyone from doing was actually trying. Don’t use this excuse to stop you from getting off your butt and making it one to be proud of…

Here’s the Cliff notes: if you do full range-of-motion leg and butt exercises there is no doubt that you will develop a great butt, not to mention a great set of legs.

2.Don’t Just Sit On Your Derriere

Today’s modern life has us sitting and immobile much of the time. Whether it is sitting at the computer or being fixated on our phones we just don’t move like we should.

These days it’s estimated the average American walks less than 400 metres per day.

It’s no wonder so many people have flat butts! We’re not doing a fraction of the work the glutes need.

3.Do The Fundamentals – Top 4 Must-Have Exercises to Build Super Glutes

I’m going to make this very simple for you. Here’s a list with links to the types of exercises you must include in your weekly routine to develop the glutes fully.

1) Squats

2) Deadlifts

3) Bridging (aka hip thrusts)

4) Kickbacks

…and all variations thereof.

4.Get Creative With Your Glute Training


Here’s an example by Nick Nilsson (he’s a butt-building expert) of thinking out-of-the-box and combining variations of traditional glute-building exercises to accelerate your results.

5.Do Glute Exercises At Least 3 Times A Week (with legs, with back, and by itself)

If you train your whole body over the course of the week and split your days to focus on specific body parts you can end up overlapping glute training which works out…since you want to build your glutes.

You should do glute training when you do your leg training, again when you train your lower back (with Deadlifts or some variation of it), and one more time when you do an actual glute workout.

6.Build The Supporting Muscle Groups…Legs, Lower Back, And Abdominals

Here at HowDoIGetGreatLegs.com we have a particular emphasis on engaging the glutes when you train legs so we understand and endorse a heavy focus on your hips!

Just as you need you glutes to train your legs properly it so goes you need the surrounding and supporting muscles near the glutes to be strong to support your glute training.

That means work for the legs, lower back, and abs will also have to be a priority if you want a super-booty.

7.Sprint To A Better Bum

Ever seen a sprinter with a flat bum? Nope. Because sprinting is one of the best ways to engage your glutes.

Now just to be crystal clear, jogging is not a substitute.

And anyone can learn to sprint or sprint again if you have the right plan.

8. Nutrition – Feed the muscle, burn the fat

All these techniques to build muscle and burn fat will be to no avail if you eat poorly. You need to fuel your body to build muscle, and eat clean so the fat melts away and you can reveal the beautiful butt you’ve built!

That means eating plenty of high quality protein (chicken, fish, and lean beef), good complex carbs (sweet potato, rice, potatoes), and healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, and nuts).

9.Jump Up…Or At Least Pretend…To Build The Top Of That Booty

There is nothing like the jumping motion to work that elusive top part of the glutes. So whether it’s skipping rope, jumping jacks, or broad jumps, make some form of jumping part of your routine.

Impact a problem? Do total body extensions. It’s like jumping without leaving the ground. Check out my buddy Mike Whitfield showing how it’s done.

10. Believe You Can Build A Great Butt – Mindset

If you don’t believe you can do a thing then you’ve given up before you even started. Your belief that it is possible is the greatest single factor in getting fit.

If you don’t believe it is possible you can do it won’t take long for you to self-sabotage your efforts by rationalizing that somehow you’re different and diet and exercise won’t work for you.

Sound familiar?

Remember…first you have to believe in you.

11.Above All Else The One Thing You Must Do To Get A Great Butt Is Train Consistently

As with all fitness goals, consistency is king. If you miss working out for a week here or there all your results will lag.

You need to get your workouts in every day. It’s like brushing your teeth, you wouldn’t imagine going through a day without doing it. You should feel the same way about your workouts.


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