11 Amazing Ideas for the Condom of the Future

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Condoms have been around for centuries, but they haven't improved much in the last 50 years.

People know they should use them, but for various reasons many just don't. 

Fortunately, the spray-on condom is on its way to change this situation. Moreover, here are another 11 designs could be the condoms of the future.

1. The leather condom

Mark McGlothlin at Apex Medical Technologies came up with a novel way of making condoms more sensitive for men. He reckons that the material is all wrong. McGlothlin’s plan envisages replacing latex with collagen fibres from beef tendon.

Yep, beef.

The cheap, readily available leftovers are thin, strong and transfer heat well.

2. One size fits all

The idea of a condom shrinking during sex sounds utterly horrific. But Benjamin Strutt at the Cambridge Design Partnership thinks it is the best idea for the future of contraception.

His idea involves a material that gets stronger when force is applied and “gently tightens”, making it feel invisible and reduce the chance of leaking.

3. Cling film

The California Health Council’s Ron Frezieres says that his aim was for a cling-film like condom.

Based on a South American prototype, the condom clings to the penis, rather than covering it. The prototype includes an oil-based lubricant, which Frezieres wants to change for a silicone-based one.

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