10 Weirdest Barbie-Inspired Dolls That Totally Shock

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Fat Barbie, working mother Barbie... and pregnant Barbie?

The beloved brand has achieve great success in 59 years since its release, but there’s no denying that on the road from zombie to oreo to princess unicorn, these weird barbie-inspired dolls have had a few brushes with controversy.

1. Zombie Barbie

She could definitly be staring in MJ's Thriller movie, the Zombie Barbie is a sexy, creepy and totally modern woman.

2. Fat Barbie

This fat Barbie was created as an ad for the Active Life Movement that used iconic children's toys to get their tagline out to parents to “Keep obesity away from your child.”

3. Working Mother Barbie

Turleen is a model working mother who won the Mother of the Year Award from the Pink Flamingo Trailer Park Homeowners Association.

This special trophy sits proudly on the kitchen window sill in her luxurious double-wide next to her six first place Little Miss Guzzler Awards from the county fair.

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