10 Weird and Astonishing Baby Birth Rituals Around The World

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8.Stimulating The Genitals

Some cultural groups in Thailand & India have the strangest way of loving their newborn babies, that is, by stimulating their genitals. Yes, you heard that right. 

One minor ethnic group in China called the Manchu are known to show their affections to their infants by ‘tinkling the genitals of the girls’ and – you won’t believe this – giving ‘oral stimulation to the baby boys’. 

Ironically, while these are not considered sexual activities but kissing is, among the Manchuians, forbidden due to its sexual connotations. So, Manchuian parents don’t miss their children on their face.

9.Placenta Dish

The habit of eating the placenta by the mother, after the baby’s birth, is found in the animal kingdom but don’t worry humans are not too far in this. 

In some parts of India, Jamaica and China, eating the placenta is recommended as a traditional medicine. 

It sounds primitive, right? Though unbelievable it may sound but some medical practitioners consider placenta beneficial helping the mothers with postnatal depression. 

However scientists have voiced doubts regarding this. It is highly unlikely that eating of placenta is going to become a fashion any time soon, because one cannot eat it raw due to the sheer overwhelming number of bacterias residing in it and cooking will most likely destroy all its beneficial nutrients.

10.Isolated Mothers

Mothers in the Kalash province of Pakistan are also known to give birth alone, even without any assistance from their families. 

But unlike in Nigeria, these poor mothers are kept separate because culturally woman in labour is considered unclean or polluted so they are shifted to an isolated place called Basleni. 

The extent of this, highly patriarchal and dogmatic culture is so that the only women allowed to assist the suffering mother are those who are menstruating, for menstruation is considered foul too.


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