10 Weird and Astonishing Baby Birth Rituals Around The World

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4.Fastest Crawler In The Country

In Lithuania a strange yearly festival is held where infants are used for entertainment, ironically on the very day of International Child’s Protection Day i.e. June 1. 

The babies are urged to participate in a race to determine the fastest crawler in the country. 

During the race, the infants, who are pretty clueless as to what is all the excitement about among the gathered adults, are tempted and urged by flashes of shining toys to crawl the track and reach the end. 

Of course they look adorable and often hilariously collide against one another.

5.Giving the Baby a Chilled Bath

The extent to which mothers go to keep their newborns from rashes and stroke, in exceedingly hot countries like Guatemala, seems crazy. 

They actually shove the children into ‘icy cold water’ while the babies scream in pain. And after the torturous bath the infant immediately dozes off. 

However cruel and agonising it may sound but there are rumours from witness who claim to have seen Maya babies getting cured of heat rashes by following the above method.

6.Is It a Baby or Spittoon

In Mauritania – a country stretching across the African Saharan desert – there is a group of people called the Wolof people who have a strange belief that human saliva has the power to retain human words and feeling. 

Therefore we often find a newborn Wolof child being spitted on the face by women and in the ear by men and sometimes the saliva is – for the blessing to stick properly – rubbed all over the head. 

Again we have the Nigerian Igbo tribe going one step ahead when a baby is born. The parents take the child to their ancestral home accompanied by a relative who necessarily has be a good orator. 

This orator is the star of the show. He is allowed the privilege to chew on alligator pepper and insert the ensuing spit into the baby’s mouth on hopes of making the child grow up as good an orator as its donor.

7.Numerous Chinese Birth Customs

To start with, in some parts of China, newlywed Chinese husbands are compelled to carry their wives over hot simmering coal so that in future she can give a smooth birth. 

Next when the wife does get pregnant, she has to follow the Chinese-list-of-pregnancy-restrictions; those are – not gossiping, no loud laughing, no getting angry, no bad thoughts, no sitting on cranky mats or else the baby might get deformed inside, avoid eating or even looking at highly contrasting colours or else the baby might be born ‘dark’, sleep with a sharp object like a knife under the pillows as it may come handy to fight off evil spirits and finally, absolutely no sex!

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