10 Weird and Astonishing Baby Birth Rituals Around The World

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Nothing is routine when it comes to childbirth, but for parents Jon and Lesia Pettijohn, the arrival of their third baby was anything but normal.

That's because as of Sunday morning, close to 5 million people have seen the moment their baby boy Josiah came into the world.

But it’s still much better than the the poor fellows (and their mothers) born in the end of the planet.

Well, here is a list that’ll make you thank God for not letting you born in the following places with their creepy rituals. 

1.Wedding Cake Head

Upon the birth of the baby, like any other parent, Irish parents throw a party to welcome the newest member in their family and they often get the baby drunk too. 

Well, normally in such parties the saved wedding cake is brought in and a few crumbs of the cake are sparged on the baby’s forehead. 

But these cakes, though tinged with whisky is hardly sufficient to get the child drunk. So what the parents do, is splash the baby’s head with champagne during baptism.

2.Infants Who Don’t Touch The Floor

Bali is home to many strange customs including the ‘setra ari ari’ where the ‘ari ari’ or ‘placenta’is said to have a life of its own and therefore the parents ritually bury the placenta in the cemetery. 

There’s another such strange custom where babies are not allowed to touch the ground until the age of 3 months as before that, the ground is considered to be unholy for them.

3.Giving Birth Alone

In Nigeria, pregnant women from poor families are left to give birth on their own. Sometimes they suffer complications and miscarriages. 

The assistance desperately needed by these mothers may come after the delivery or may not come at all. 

The bright side of the story is that now-a-days, some organisations have taken up the cause and their employees and volunteers travel to remote poverty-stricken rural areas to provide assistance to pregnant mothers.

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