10 Uprising K-pop Girls Groups in 2015

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Talking about girls in music industry, girl groups from kpop is the element that you can never ignore.

The list concludes 10 kpop girls groups that will probably gain more popularity in 2015.

1. AOA

AOA is a fantastic South Korean group having five members. AOA stands for ‘Ace of Angels’.

This group is famous all over the world for its awesome songs, and has brought to us numerous albums, Angel’s story being one of them.

This girls group has won several awards as well including the SBS Inkigayo award.

2. A Pink

A Pink has been known to produce a number of unbeatable trucks for the music lovers.

Some of the finest works of this group are Molloya, and NoNoNo etc. Initially, it was not known to many of us, but these days the group’s performance is appreciated by world’s audience.

A Pink is often referred to as the dark horses of the Korean music industry.

3. Sistar

The Sistar is one of the top notch kpop girls groups of the era. The group has 4-5 very beautiful and charming ladies, all of them are superstars of the singing world.

For many times, this group has given fantastic singles to the fans and gotten much fame.

4. Girl Generation

Many of the albums of the Girls Generation group have been ranked in the best-selling music albums.

This girls group is dominating the music markets, and has a huge fan-base. It is very tough to compare their prominence and fame with the other groups.

5. Davichi

The Davichi is known for its consistent hit songs. This South Korean kpop girls group has bagged various awards including the Mnet Asian Awards and many more.One of its hits is ‘Time please Stop’.

6. Nine Muses

The Nine Muses has some of the shiny stars as its members. This group has a repute to give us various fantastic songs and stage performances.

Its members have always been known for their beautiful personality and awesome songs. Their motivation is highly admirable.

7. F-ve Dolls

The F-ve Dolls are commonly referred to as the ‘Dolls of the Music World’. This group started its journey in 2010, and has so far released a number of singles including Lip Stains and I mean You etc.

Their overall performance in the stage shows has always been highly appreciated.

9. Ladies Code

The Ladies Code is a group with so many hit numbers. Their first album was successful, and this group gained global recognition.

Nowadays, it has become one of the most successful kpop girls groups. Its girls have taken some years to make themselves globally recognized.

9. Crayon Pop

The Crayon Pop currently has give young ladies who have gone viral on social media networks and their songs are widely loved on YouTube.

This group has a repute to produce numerous hit songs for the global audience. The group’s girls are capable to dance awesomely.

10. Girl’s Day

The Girl's Day is the high rank group of artists and singers. Their song ‘Something’ has long been on number one position, and went viral back in 2014.

This group currently has the most dominating girls singers who are actively participating in television programs, and international dance performances.


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