10 Unsung Heroes of Final Fantasy Who Need Your Attention

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8. Quina Quen - Final Fantasy IX

Rarely will you find another character as bizarre as Quina Quen, a genderless Qu and purveyor of blue magic.

Despite having some of the stronger dialogue and a dearth of "real" character development, Quina has some of the most poignant and touching moments of Final Fantasy IX buried here and there.

9. Paine - Final Fantasy X-2

She's cynical, quiet, and tough, but yet she's smart enough and caring enough to keep her friends from stumbling into a trap.

Throughout her journey with Yuna and Rikku she finally learned to open up, while coming to terms with her mysterious past and those associated with it.

10. Freya Crescent - Final Fantasy IX

This Burmecian Dragon Knight is poignant, thoughtful, and simultaneously lovelorn, as she set out in search of her lost love, Sir Fratley.

She's friendly, calm, and personable, but also a formidable knight who can handle her business with the best of them.


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