10 Unsung Heroes of Final Fantasy Who Need Your Attention

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4. Lulu - Final Fantasy X

True, cosplayers love to bare their shoulders and don a belt skirt to mimic the black mage of Final Fantasy X, but she doesn't receive near enough credit.

She's tough without being a grouch, and she surprisingly enough ends up with Wakka. How crazy is that?

5. Irvine Kinneas  Final Fantasy VII

This Western charmer is memorable with his long brown ponytail and duster.

And when it comes to Final Fantasy VIII male characters, he's got a rich back story and personally that shines through every time he's got a few minutes in the spotlight.

6. Sazh Katzroy - Final Fantasy XIII

By far the most down-to-earth and relatable character of Final Fantasy XIII, Sazh was the most powerful link between Final Fantasy XIII and its audience and is an overall nuanced character with plenty to offer.

7. Kimahri Ronso - Final Fantasy X

Kimahri plays the stoic match to a colorful and varied cast in Final Fantasy X, but he's actually an outcast from his own tribe because of his broken horn and height, which makes him undesirable back home.

He proves himself time and time again as a loyal and capable soldier who's there for those in need, which certainly made quite the impression on those who completed Final Fantasy X.

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