10 Unique Pocky Flavors You Have not Tried Them All

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Have you ever tasted Pocky?

It’s one of the most popular snacks in all of Japan and often shows up in TV shows and animeJapanese day to day life is unimaginable without the delicious cookie sticks.

Since everybody loves it, the sweet snack comes in dozens and dozens of different flavors.

Here’s the 10 unique Pocky flavors that you probably haven't tried them all.

1. Brazilian Pudding

Others call it Flan, Japan calls it Brazilian Pudding.

These Pocky dazzle with their sweet, milky taste and the unique chocolate pattern on the white coating.

2. Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry

Tsubu Tsubu means chrunchy – and this is exactly what these Pocky are!

The little chrunchy bits enhance the strawberry flavor and make these Pocky especially tasty!

3. Banana Dessert

Not to be confused with Choco Banana Pocky, these little devils emulate a complete chocolate banana cake … mmmh …just look at the thick coating!

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