10 Underrated Manga/Manhwa That Need An Anime Right Now

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8. Drifters

Made by the minds and artists who brought us the delicious Hellsing manga series, Drifters is a slow-moving manga that does well to tickle the humor of not just the typical fan of samurai, but also anyone who enjoys history of the western world from philosophers to wild-west buffs.

We get to watch Shimazu Toyohisa supposedly die in the Battle of Sekigahara and wind up in a different world rather than actually dying.

There, he finds himself strangely teamed up with Nasu no Yoichi and Oba Nobunaga to survive a world of oppressed humans, elves and dwarves, and being hunted as he's labeled as a Drifter.

9. Ubel Blatt

Despite it not having much of a premise, the story itself is more than deep enough to keep you reading page to page.

From the amazing mind of Etorouji Shiono, and published by the awesome Square Enix, Ubel Blatt is one of the greatest fantasy-themed action manga of all time.

With Square Enix as its main publisher, we know that if they give a green light to an anime adaptation, it would be the best we'll ever watch on the small screen.

10. Akumetsu

From the brilliant mind of Yoshiaki Tobata and the skilled artistry of Y?ki Yugo, Akumetsu is literally the greatest mind-bending seinen manga ever made.

Akumetsu is an army that dons devil-like masks, killing corrupt politicians via suicide kills, all in intimidation to the nation's Prime Minister, Murase Shintaro, to end the corruption and to save the nation and to prevent another event like with Katsuragi.

Undoubtedly, Akumetsu absolutely must see a small and big screen direct adaptation.

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