10 Underrated Manga/Manhwa That Need An Anime Right Now

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4. Noblesse

From the genius mind of Son Jae Ho and the talented hand of Lee Gwang Su, comes one of the greatest supernatural stories of vampires.

It follows the secret member of the vampire society, Kadis Estrama D'Raizel, as he finds himself awoken after centuries of sleep in a strange new world.

With large landscapes, beautiful scenes and artfully intense battle visuals, Noblesse needs its own anime right now.

5. The God Of High School

From the creative mind of Park Yong Jae, GoH is a very nail-biting and exciting supernatural martial arts manhwa that has sadly been completely off the radar of all anime studios.

With an extreme myriad of different kinds of kinds of characters, and loose ties to many mythologies, GoH strikes a tune with the harp of almost any reader's heart.

Now we just need to be able to watch it.

6. Until Death Do Us Part

Another action manga, Until Death Do Us Part is one of the greatest manga with a mix of martial arts and science fiction.

Meet Tooyama Haruka, a young girl who was born with the very unique ability of precognition. She was discovered and is now chased by a notorious underground syndicate.

Luckily, her ability allowed her to flag down an equally notorious blind swordsman by the name of Hijikata Mamoru. This manga deserves an anime adaptation, and will not have justice until it gets it.

7. Gamble Fish

In Gamble Fish, we follow Shirasagi Tomu as he infiltrates as a transfer student into the elite high school of gambling known as Shishido Academy.

While it seems he's just a cocky gambler, he's actually the son of the world's most famous gambler, Shirasagi Gokujima, and looking to find and rescue his father.

It's so sad to say that this manga will never get a chance to publish into an anime as there is an extreme amount of fan-service (up to full, but all non-displayed nudity) of 14-16 year old girls.

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