10 Underrated Manga/Manhwa That Need An Anime Right Now

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We are looking at manga that have been created that are so epic that they deserve a direct anime of them.

Now when we say this, we mean an anime that directly copies the manga (i.e. Dragonball and Naruto series).

Mangas that have had anime that were different from the original do still qualify, but ones that have had movies or series that were identical to the manga series are not (sorry, Gantz and Tsubasa).

1. Holyland

A drama-filled martial arts manga of your typical wimp from school who was picked on so much that he stopped going all together.

However, during his self-incarceration, he secretly studied boxing and found himself roaming the dangerous night life of Japan, gaining the underground name of "The Gangster Killer".

The story is extremely great with its telling of the boy's struggles, both in boxing and building himself as a person.

The manga also delves very deep into the world of martial arts, and firmly describes the real mechanics and principles of the styles portrayed, from Boxing to Karate, and more.

With the time one can lose in reading this wonderful manga, it's a wonder why they're not animating it.

2. Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru

Yes, yes, it's another fighting manga, but this one follows the principles and doctrine of real martial arts.

A young man who grew up in the world of gymnastics gains an insatiable fascination for the world of karate, particularly from a monster student by the name of Muuto Ryuuji.

The manga follows his development from just a green-eared child to an up-and-coming karateka. Very fast-paced and very artfully beautiful in its portrayal of the real MA world, it's about time we see that on the big screen.

3. Liar Game

One of the greatest psychological manga of all time, Liar Game even gives the twisted story of Death Note a run for its money.

It follows the unfortunate luck of Kanzaki Nao, a girl too honest for her own good, who gets caught up in a secret gambling ring that deals in making many people gamble millions that they don't have in order to win millions more.

However, the millions each person starts with is a loan, and they have to pay back that loan after each game. Should they not make enough, they spend the rest of their life in servitude to pay back this debt.

While there have been numerous live-action retellings of this story, and they have never done it any justice, especially the newer season 2 of the Korean version.

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