10 Types of Selfies You're No Longer Allowed to Take in 2015

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2014 may have been the year of the butt, and also the year of Kim Kardashian, and the year of selfie as well. 

It was a year when we were all constantly mastering Instagram filters, figuring out how to smize, and generally documenting the best version of how we look. 

And while selfies in general are pretty harmless, and will no doubt continue in 2015 and beyond, it's important that we take a look at the specific kinds of selfies that are just no longer acceptable in the New Year.

1.The "Look At This Crazy Shit Behind Me" Selfie.

Maybe if it's a celebrity, or something genuinely crazy/worthy of documenting, it's okay to take a quick selfie. 

But posting up in front of someone dressed inappropriately, or extremely large, or doing something you generally shouldn't do in society, only to snap a selfie, is rude as hell.  

If you are accruing a bunch of likes on your "look at this whack shit" selfies, you probably are friends with a good amount of idiots. 

2.The "Criminal Abuse of Filters" Selfie

Filters are a delicate thing: Too few, and you come dangerously close to revealing your real-life flaws, which is the opposite of the point of Instagram. 

But too many filters, and you suddenly have one of those struggle selfies that clearly were taken in the pitch black, when you were having a bad skin day, and drunk. 

If you have to manipulate more than three visual aspects of the selfie before posting it, you should probably just wait and take another 

3.The "Look How Much I Love These Carbs"

This year we were treated -- after the barrage of ~lifestyle bloggers~ who wear a size two and post non-stop photos of burgers and donuts -- to the Instagram You Did Not Eat That, a collection of the phenomenon in all its toned-stomached, carb-laden glory.  

And honestly, there is nothing wrong with enjoying unhealthy food in moderation and being able to maintain a model figure while doing so.  

But if you alternate between food porn and bikini shots, please know that you are making the whole world collectively roll its eyes. Because, let's be honest, you definitely did not eat all of that.  

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