10 Times Barack Obama and Joe Biden Were Friendship Goals

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A lot of great things have happened during Barack Obama's two terms as president, but no one could have predicted in 2008 that his friendship with Vice President Joe Biden would become one of the most talked-about elements of his administration.

In the past eight years, they've gone golfing, eaten cheeseburgers, become a meme, taken selfies, and more, and always look like they're having more fun than everyone else around them. Below, a tribute to what will probably go down as the greatest bromance in presidential history.

1. Enjoying some ice cream in 2008

Joe doesn't really look like he's planning to share.


2. Hitting a few balls at the White House in 2009

Golf might not be so boring if you got to play it with these two.

3. Settling in for lunch at Ray's Hell Burger

"Are you gonna eat the pickle?"

4. Wearing matching green ties on St. Patrick's Day

Don't even think about pinching them.

5. Taking in a basketball game in 2012

Do you think Joe is laughing at his own joke or something the president said?

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