10 Times an Anime was Cut Short Before Its Manga Ended

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Reading manga is fun, but sometimes it’s better to watch the anime adaptation instead.

So, in honor of all those times when companies decided the manga should keep going but the anime has to get cut, here are the 10 worst times the anime ended before the manga.

1. Slam Dunk

The manga ends the same year as the anime and the show has 101 episodes—so plenty of time for our protagonist, self-proclaimed genius Hanamichi Sakuragi, to impress Haruko-chan, beat that jerk Rukawa on the court, and take Shohoku High School to the National Championships.

Unfortunately, the show only adapts the manga until the team finishes their regional tournament, meaning we never see them set foot at the Nationals.

The anime also occasionally has some sub-par animation, which is a shame because Takehiko Inoue’s original illustrations are brilliant.

That having been said, the adaptation also has terrific voice acting, wonderful direction and impeccable comedic timing, so as long as cliffhangers aren’t a buzz-kill for you, be sure to watch it.

2. Akagi

Want to make your fans mad in three simple steps? First, select a terrific manga about the game of mahjong that has been going on since 1992.

Second, adapt it into a tense and cerebral anime that fans of intelligent television would love to watch.

Three, and this is crucial, stop the anime MID-GAME, and behold—you have irritated fans.

This adaptation, a thrilling and compelling watch for the 26 episodes you get, is going to to stop in the middle of the biggest game our protagonist, fearless gambler Shigeru Akagi, will ever play.

And the worst part is that the show is actually a prequel to Fukumoto’s previous hit manga Ten, which had actually finished back in 2002.

Now wouldn’t it have made more sense to first adapt that, and make this anime when it was actually done?

3. Blue Exorcist

Who would have thought that satanic cults, family troubles and high school drama would mix so well?

Well, Kazue Kato’s manga delivers on the goods by showing us the life of teenager Rin Okumura as he becomes an exorcist, attends school and fights to save the world.

The story was complex; so complex, in fact, that Kato is working on the manga as we speak.

The anime, however, never gave fans a complete taste of the life of Rin, as it lasted a mere 25 episodes and was followed one movie.

Seriously, Dragon Ball Z didn’t charge one Kamehameha in 25 episodes, while they tried to wrap up an ongoing series in as much time.

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