10 Things You Should Never Do After a Heartbroken Breakup

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Breaking up is never easy, but it’s extra hard when you’re the one being dumped.

Even when the end of a relationship is messy or painful, there are some things you should always avoid when she breaks up with you.

1. Tell all your mutual friends the intimate details of how she hurt you.

The day after she breaks up with you, you may be overcome with the desire to call every mutual friend you have and tell them about how she never took your dog on morning walks, and flirted with the same barista for three years.

Tell it to your diary, not your mutual friends. No one wants to take sides.

2. Say all the terrible things you know will end any chance of friendship.

Don’t tell her how you’ve always secretly thought her mother was condescending.

Don’t tell her you never liked the haircut she’s had for the past year. Don’t bring up dissatisfaction in the bedroom.

The relationship is over. There’s no point in dredging up all the things you should’ve worked out earlier.

3. Flip through six months of journal entries and every photo of you together on your phone in an attempt to figure out where it went wrong.

Unless you really want to feel like the sad, pathetic loser who’s been dumped, in which case, you should totally do this.

On the other hand, don’t delete or burn every photo of you together.

It looks satisfying in movies, but in reality, you’ll just wish you still had them a year down the line when you and your ex are on good terms again.

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