10 Things Women Do With Their Upper Body That Drive Men Crazy

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Boobs, what are they good for? Absolutely everything!

So, don’t let your ta-tas be all lazy, lying around on your chest. Put them to work for you! Just like Sara X did.

What, your girls are not big enough to do that? That’s all right, whether your boobies are big, small, uneven, or heck, even singular, you can make them even more magical by making them do tricks -- sexy tricks.

Here we got 10 suggestions, when it comes to teasing and pleasing, it’s survival of the tittiest. You’re welcome, ladies.

1.Jump On The Bed

There’s a reason women jumping on trampolines was the ad for a little old TV program called “The Man Show.” Who couldn’t watch those boobs go up and down all day long? That’s probs what Adam Corolla has been doing these past few years.

Anyway, since you may not have a giant trampoline in your backyard, bring it into the bedroom and jump on the bed.

2.Press Them Up Against The Glass

This is an especially sexy move to do while you're taking a shower. Or, if you don’t have a glass door shower, you can use any window pane in his view, like the one that faces the backyard while he’s mowing the lawn.

Get your girls pressed up against the glass, and we’ll bet he’ll find a way to get to you.

3.Put On Lipstick With Your Cleavage

And then leave your mark all over him!

This move was made famous by Molly Ringwald in “The Breakfast Club.” However, not one person on YouTube has uploaded the clip (WTF nerds?!), but this blond chick can show you how.

Basically, all you have to do is squeeze your boobs together with your arms, stick a lipstick (or a lip gloss wand makes this trick easier) in your cleave, tilt your head down and around, and voila! The perfect, sexy pout.

4.Dress Them Up

Everything looks better behind a thin veil of satin, lace, feathers, whipped cream ... . Even guys who say they don’t care about lingerie will perk up if they see you in something sexy. Work it!

5.Cup Dip

Climb on top of his lap and lean forward into his face. It’s distracting. It’s a great tease to do when someone is trying to undress you. This boob move makes it harder/better/slower/funner.

6.Twirl Tassels

If you can’t bend over backwards covered in beading and glitter, there is still a tassel that you can work! Just practice a little first and then you’ll love watching drawers drop.

7.Make Them The Finish Line

Yes, that’s a euphemism. But if you’re not trying to make a baby, it’s a fun way to get him to pull out and go out with a bang!


Turn on some tunes and shake it like a Polaroid picture. Is there anything better than the simple pleasure of watching boobs jiggle?

9.Nature’s Pockets

Hide a surprise he'd like in your tits, perhaps a sexy note with an even sexier suggestion written on it.

10.Wet T-Shirt, No Contest

Put on a white or light-colored shirt. Pour water. And BAM! Heck, just writing this got “Pour Some Sugar On Me” stuck in my head.

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