10 Things to Expect If You are in a Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationships can be complicated, but if you can make it work, they’re so worth it.

As long as the two of you are trusting, patient and a little flexible, then everything will work out and your LDR will flow naturally.

For those of you in a long distance relationship, here are 10 things you are going to be prepared.

1. You will get extremely jealous at least once.

The two of you will both be making tons of new friends at school, you’re going to be jealous that all these people get to spend time with your partner while you’re so far away from them.

You’re also going to be jealous of other couples you see on campus who walk to class holding hands.

2. You both will change.

You’re both going to be exposed to new people, ideas, and tons of adventures.

There’s no doubt that you’ll both have different views and interests than you did before college, even after only one semester.

This is nothing to worry about. Maybe you’ll be exposed to something really cool because of your S/O and you’ll like it even more than they do!

3. You won’t be each other’s first priorities.

Most of the time when your boyfriend or girlfriend has some extra time between classes, their first thought isn’t to pick up the phone and call you.

They’re dealing with the same stuff that you’re going through.

They’ll want to catch up on sleep, go out with their friends, or just watch Netflix and relax.

It may hurt at first, but with time it will all make sense.

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