10 Similarities Between Naruto and One Piece, the Greatest Anime in Last Decade

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No matter which of them is better anime, few will disagree that Naruto and One piece are the best anime in history.

However, as the most popular anime through the last decade, what else have they in common?

Here are 10 similarities between Naruto and One Piece that you can easily figure out.

1. Protagonists

We have saw a lot of great personality in the character of Naruto and Luffy. Both of them have proven that they are worthy to be followed and respected just based on their fighting prowess and their ability to win facing impossible odds. 

But what we have to admit is, they're both simple-minded guys who often bring hilarious moments in the anime.

2. The Key Person

What they had done totally changed the way the main character grew up, which as a consequence, changed the story goes and world in the anime.

3. The Heroine

Though both sharing a sweet look, Nami and Sakura could both be a "little bit violent" at sometime, Naruto and Luffy definitely know that.

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