10 Signs That Prove Your Cat Really Love You

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Do your cat really love you?

Cats are known for their independence and stoic faces, both things which make it hard to tell if you're really bonding with your furry feline friend.

Are they doing that thing your ex did where they act all distant but really, deep down, they love you?

Or do they secretly talk smack about you to the dog when you aren't looking?

These gestures of affection are a sure sign that your kitty is totally smitten.

1. Sometimes they think you knead a massage.

They just want to return the favor for all those cuddles you provide.

2. A gift is a gift, no matter how gross we think it is.

They're trying to show off their hunting prowess and make you proud.

3. Head butts are, like, totally their way of saying, "I love you, man."

It's like a fist bump, but so much cuter, dude.

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