10 Reasons Why Prison School is so Interesting to Watch

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As an edgy and raunchy anime, Prison School is not what it seems.

This is not your typical ecchi anime, or it can't so popular among all anime fans.

Here are 10 reasons why you should watch Prison School.

1. Fan Service

For those of you that love fan service anime, Prison School is the definition of fan service.

2. This is truly a man's show

If you are a heterosexual male, Prison School is the epitome of a man's dreams and fantasies.

3. Gakuto

He is the definition of a true bro, the most eccentric character of the cast.

But besides that, Gakuto is the most amusing character in the show.

His obsession of the 3 Kingdoms is comical to the point that his entire manner of speech is influenced by it.

Every time he has a chance to talk by himself, the anime staff humorously plays a chinese theme.

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