10 Reality TV Shows That Have Gone too Far for Rating

8323 People Viewed - about 38 months ago

Reality television is an addiction within itself for the viewers.

However, to get a better rating, some of the shows seemed to have gone too far, with no regardness for the individuals on the show being embarrassed.

1. Tore

'Tore' is a strange Japanese reality game show that mummifies contestants.

As contestants answer a series of 7 questions, they are wrapped in white cloth until completely covered, and of course out of the game.

2. Solitary

'Solitary' confined contestants in complete solitary for several weeks.

Contestants had to complete mental tasks after little sleep and no human contact for days.

3. The Intercept

The Russian game show 'The Intercept' puts contestants on the opposite side of the law.

The contestants are considered hijackers, and they're driving a stolen vehicle.

If they are able to evade police for 35 minutes, they win a new car.

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