10 Persuative Reasons Why Gintama is the Anime You Must Watch

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Gintama or not Gintama, that is a question.

Therefore, here are 10 reasons why gintama is the anime you must watch.

1. Sci-fi samurai setting

Ever wonder how it would be like for samurais to fight in space or against alien monsters?

Look no further, because this is the only significant anime with this kind of setting.

2. Great anime staffs

There is hardly any filler in this anime compared to Naruto or One Piece, and if they are, they are always enjoyable.

Unless you read the manga, you won't know what is filler or not. I've never seen an anime staff creatively make use of a filler, especially with a few minutes of the same frame with only dialogue.

Unlike other long-running anime, they pretty much literally tell you that they are just half-assing the animation because they don't feel like it.

3. Great voice actors


You watch this anime, you pretty much know all the big names in the industry.

Despite cultural differences, the voice actors are what sells the comedy, even to a non-Japanese audience.

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