10 Outrageous Predictions For NBA 2014-2015 Season

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In case of you haven't known, Kobe Bryant just sent an embarrassing record, the one who throws most missed shots in NBA history.

That ain't make your surprise?

So, would these 10 outrageous predictions do if they do come true in NBA 2014-2015 new season?  

Someone Will Sign Andrew Bynum And He Will Play A Double Digit Number Of Games

Will Bynum find a new job in NBA?

Someone in the NBA. As in not overseas. And they do that seriously, not for fun. Though Bynum always make some fun.

Stephen Curry Will Score 70+ Points In A Single Game

Curry is the man to amaze you again and again

Since Kobe Bryant’s 81 point conniption back in 2006, the highest single-scoring games have been as follows:

Kobe Bryant, 65 points (March 2007)

Carmelo Anthony, 62  points (January 2014)

Kobe Bryant, 61 points (February 2009)

LeBron James, 61 points (March 2014)

Kobe Bryant, 60 Points (March 2007)

There’s only been ten 70+ point performances in NBA history, only 3 of which not accomplished by someone other than Wilt Chamberlain. Yet, though sheer will, we can certainly make the argument that the Golden State stars might align for a similar outburst from Curry.

Blake Griffin Will Do Another Set At The Laugh Factory

They say that when you get the bug, you really get the bug…

The Cavs Will Have 2 Serious MVP Candidates

Kyrie and Lebron, who will take the charge?

If the Cavs didn’t get Lebron, Kyrie Irving probably would’ve continued down his torrid path of being one of the leagues best point guards (if not overall players). Last season Irving put up a solid 21 and 6, and racked up the MVP award at the NBA All-Star Game.

This season, with LeBron and Love as incredible toys, Irving’s assist stats could potentially go way up. With so much focus on LeBron, Irving and Love could turn into quite the two man show, racking up statistics that could rival that of His Majesty Himself.

Jason Kidd Will Contend For Coach Of The Year

If only Kidd doesnot ask his guys to spilt water on him any more...

Kidd’s first year as the Nets head coach didn’t exactly run smoothly. 

But despite the dismal start, Kidd turned the team around big-time, and the new look Nets made it two the second round of the playoffs. 

After the Nets were like “nah,” the semi-floundering Milwaukee Bucks jumped on the opportunity to hire Kidd, who proceeded to ditch Brooklyn for Wisconsin. 

The Bucks aren’t supposed to be terribly good this year. If the team slips into the playoffs (which is very possible given that they play in the Eastern Conference), the narrative would likely turn to Kidd.

Kevin Love Will Have TWO 30 point, 30 rebound games

With the help of Lebron, Love could have anther 30+30 easily

Despite Michael Jordan’s prodding, LeBron probably won’t play every game this season. This means Kevin Love will be the primary beast fed by Kyrie, which is a pretty good recipe for explosion.

In 2010, Kevin Love recorded the first 30 point, 30 rebound game in 28 years, putting up a 31/31 spot against the Knicks. Four years more experienced and on a better team, what’s to say he doesn’t do it again. What’s to say he doesn’t do it twice?

Phil Jackson And Carmelo Anthony Will Have Some Sort Of “Public Feud”

At least they won't have a steel cage match

Sometime around January, after the Knicks lose 5 games in a row. Carmelo will fire off an in-the-moment quip about how much he wants to win. Because it’ll be a slow news day, that’ll somehow be warped into him being unhappy with Phil Jackson.

When Phil says something along the lines of that they’re working through the issue internally, everyone will lose their minds until the next sensationalistic story develops 3 minutes later.

Kawhi Leonard Will Be An All-Star

Maybe it's easier to qualify for all-star than wear a smile for Leonard

Whether the Spurs offer him a max contract immediately or not, Kawhi will play phenomenal basketball and earn himself a spot on the best in the West’s roster. He’ll be tightlipped all weekend as well, quietly trying to blend in and avoid the spotlight. 

The Heat Will Play the Cavs In The Playoffs, And Beat Them At Home

Chris Bosh, who is not as good at basketball as LeBron, is very angry. If the Heat play the Cavs in the playoffs, this anger result in an outburst that the Cavs may not exactly be ready for. In line with that prediction, the Heat will steal a Game 1 from the Cavs.

Even without LeBron, the Heat are probably still one of the better teams in the East. These two could very easily see each other in the second round. 

Kobe Bryant Will Win The Scoring Title

Kobe definitely will as long as he wants

Surely being ranked 40th best player in the league didn’t sit well with Kobe, who’ll have the opportunity to jack up as many shots as he’d like in this borderline hopeless season...


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