10 Massive Companies With Similar Logos

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From CNN and the FDA, to even Barack Obama’s campaign slogan, here are just 10 of the most fascinating logos to bear a resemblance to one another.

Were they simply copied, or is it all just a bizarre coincidence?

10. Chanel/Gucci


It’s one thing for your logos to look the same, but it’s another for two companies within the same industry to be this closely related on a visual level.

Chanel has existed as a design company since 1909, and its logo has changed little since then.

Gucci is a little younger, having been founded in 1921, though its logo has more frequently been seen as simply: “GUCCI.” Who is to blame for the logo mishap?

9. Bentley/Mini Cooper

 Bentley/Mini Cooper

The whole concept of “silver wings” is a pretty abused concept, especially when it comes to automobile brands, which makes Bentley and Mini such a fascinating facepalm.

If we’re being completely honest, the only real differences between the two logos come down to which artist was liberal with the detail. Oh, and the text is the same.

Who is to blame? Mini is the obvious suspect, as it was founded almost 40 years after Bentley.

8. Auto Trader/Pepsi

 Auto Trader/Pepsi

They may not be the same shape, but the color scheme is almost 100% identical.

If the colors were at least swapped, it would be easy to just call this a funny coincidence, but there are just too many similarities for us to ignore.

To be fair, Pepsi doesn’t use this logo any longer, but they are exempt from blame due to the art of “dibs.”

Pepsi had this iconic logo for quite a long time, while someone at Auto Trader was clearly impressed with how it worked for them.

7. Sun Microsystems/Columbia Sportswear

 Sun Microsystems/Columbia Sportswear

In this case, they share the same diamond pattern, as well as the dynamic between subtitle and header.

At the time of writing, both logos still look like this… and it’s doubtful that will change anytime soon.

Of course, these companies are in completely different marketplaces, so their similarity may actually just be a profound coincidence.

6. Carrier – Ford

 Carrier – Ford

It’s truly amazing how these concepts can have so much in common, though the Ford logo is clearly the more defined classic of the two.

That said, Carrier isn’t that much younger than Ford Motor Company, as both companies were established in the early 1900s.

Still, neither company adopted their current logos until decades after they were founded, making it unclear who would have copied who.

5. Los Angeles Lakers/Los Angeles Clippers

 Los Angeles Lakers/Los Angeles Clippers

Anyone familiar with NBA politics knows that there isn’t much of a mystery to this one.

Since it began, the Clippers have been infamous for trying to replicate the success of the Los Angeles Lakers, a team that was established for over 20 years before anyone even heard of the Clippers.

They share the same layout and design concept, down to the exact placement of “Los Angeles.”

Unfortunately for the Clippers, they haven’t been able to duplicate the Lakers’ ability to actually win games.

4. Bank of America/Amtrak

 Bank of America/Amtrak

While it’s true that both logos have substantial differences,  it’s still odd how closely related their curved squares are.

Amtrak has been around since the 70s, but Bank of America has been in operation since 1904, when it was first established as the Bank of Italy.

Does this mean Bank of America has the upper hand when it comes to originality? Knowing publicly funded organizations, Amtrak is probably the ripoff.



Technically, we could also throw SEGA into the mix here, though they aren’t quite as relevant these days.

Still, the iconic logo of CNN is clearly the more popular one here, though its strange that two organizations with so much influence are this closely related when it comes to their logos.

The hilarious irony, of course, is that we’re talking about large organizations that are held to high esteem for not making mistakes.

2. Motorola/Marmot


Seriously? Both feature circles and the letter “M” is stylized.

Motorola is the older of the two companies, giving it the “I was here first” advantage. Regardless, few can deny the clever design work behind Marmot’s double-meaning logo.

You’d think Motorola would at least follow suit by including an actual motor, but they’re busy being defunct right now.

1. Pepsi/Barack Obama

 Pepsi/Barack Obama

One represents “hope and change”, while the other asks for your spare change.

In Obama’s defense, using the patriotic blend of red, white and blue is nothing new for marketing of all kinds, but it’s still jarring to see both logos sitting side by side.

Did the Obama campaign copy Pepsi?


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