10 Marvel Characters And Their WWE Soulmates

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Comic books and professional wrestling have so many similarities that they’re hard to count.

The preposterous Marvel Universe and the preposterous WWE Universe go together beautifully, and once you start to really look at the colourful characters of both, you start to realise that even the main players bear striking similarities.

So to celebrate Spider-Man ranking as the most valuable comic book character of all, we’ve came up with an interesting list of the 10 Marvel Characters and their WWE soulmates.

Describe a character from one, and you find yourself describing the character from another.

1.Captain America & John Cena

A man who belongs in a simpler time. Often dressed in pseudo-military garb, and always ready to salute to the troops, he practically wraps himself in the American flag before heading into battle. He carries around a piece of metal with him wherever he goes, which he wields with pride, for it bears the colours of his land.

He appeals to children, and though often regarded as square and uncool because of it, his uncompromising devotion to his principles, amongst them loyalty and respect, have inspired as many people as he’s bored. 

2.Deadpool & CM Punk

He’s a creature of pure narrative chaos, looking straight down the lens and breaking the fourth wall with abandon. He’s knows exactly what kind of messed-up machine he’s a part of, and he refuses to be just another cog. He breaks the conventions of his medium with ease and has become a beloved and unique character in doing so.

Though his attitude is innately counter-authority, infuriating the straight-laced with his sly remarks and laid-back flippancy, he’s still trained in martial arts and should be considered extremely dangerous. 

Often assumed to be a lone wolf, he’s actually managed to find a family as crazy as he is. They’re happy.

3.Ghost Rider & The Undertaker

A character of equal parts Americana, and equal parts arcane darkness. He looks like death, but walks amongst the world of men, gifted with inexplicable dark powers, with which he judges and punishes those who transgress against him.

He also really likes motorbikes, in a move that would seem incongruous, but ends up being iconic based purely on his charisma.

4.The Winter Soldier & Roman Reigns

Permanently dressed for combat and wearing a warrior’s scowl, he worked best as an ass-kicking man of mystery. Coming from seemingly out of nowhere, it was revealed that he had deep historical ties with one of the universes most treasure heroes.

One of his arms is inhumanly power and he keeps it cocked, loaded and ever-ready for duty.

The fans initially loved him as a mysterious villain, but as soon as he stepped up to take over the persona of Captain America/John Cena, some of the fans turned on him, believing that role to be a waste of his character.

5. Spider-Man & Dolph Ziggler

One of the most popular characters in the universe, he’s a genuine hero to the people, although they spent a lot of the early part of his career misunderstanding him.

Not their fault, exactly, he was packaged to them all wrong, but once they saw his athleticism firsthand, and his unending resiliency against terrible odds, he won their adoration.

His mouth often gets him into trouble, his constant cocksure quipping perhaps masking a more vulnerable character, somewhat unsure of his place in world.

But there’s one thing to be sure of, he will not give up and though he may not be the biggest dog in the fight, his spirit and charm will keep his popularity alive for years to come.

6.The Hulk & Brock Lesnar

God almighty, don’t let him touch you.

An unstoppable beast when he’s in full force. He’s been around for a long time, but his legitimate jaw-dropping destructive power have stopped people from ever tiring of him. He can eat animals whole. That’s not a rumour. He can do it.

God help you if he’s angry. The property damage, the innocent men that will suffer, it scarcely bears thinking about.

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7.Hawkeye & Randy Orton

It’s hard to pin this guy down. Historically a villain solely motivated for personal gain, he’s switched allegiances and remains difficult to predict. He’s nowhere near as noble your average hero, often letting his anger overrule his principles. He’s done bad things. 

He does everything with the utmost precision and he can target any limb he likes. Able to strike at any point, from any distance, his opponents have every reason to fear him, for when he chooses to strike, it will be sudden, and it will be deadly.

Fear him as a hero. Fear him more as a villain.

8.Thor & Sheamus

He only needs one name to kick your arse. Descended from a warrior people, he is at his happiest when full of red meat and hitting men he finds objectionable with a hammer.

The people will sing songs of his deeds, of his brutality, of the joy with which he crushes his opposition while bellowing his unfathomable proclamations to the four winds.

Also, he looks a bit stupid to be honest. Sure he’s technically handsome and all that, but that hair, that look, it’s just a bit naff really.

Perhaps it’s some sort of tradition with his ancient culture that’s destined to be misunderstood by Americans forever.

9.Kingpin & Vince McMahon

He’s a legitimate businessman. Remember that. 

He spends much of his time this days out of sight, preferring for his employees to do the hands-on work. However, in the past he hasn’t been afraid to step up and crush his enemies with his own hands. He sees them as a threat to his legitimate business.

10. Ultron & The Internet Wrestling Community

You can’t fight it.

Destroy one part of the machine, 2 more voices will rise to take its place.

It seeks destruction. It seeks blood. It is unpredictable and frightening.

All characters must band together to stop this… thing, to frustrate the desires of this insatiable beast. Only together do they stand a chance, even the faintest hope for survival.

Pray for them.

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(source: whatculture.com)

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