10 Japanese Food in Anime Make You Hungry Instantly

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Watching anime for years, one thing that we all learned about Japan was that their food looked pretty awesome and tasty.

And here are 10 Japanese foods in anime that make you feel hungry instantly for a hundred times.

1. Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き)

Practically meaning “fried to one’s liking”, it’s a popular pan fried food that consists of batter and cabbage. Toppings and ingredients can vary greatly from region to region.

2. Omurice (オムライス)

As the name suggest (omurice= omelette + rice), it’s an omelette made with fried rice, and it’s usually topped with ketchup.

3. Dango (団子)

It’s dumpling made from rice flour, served with different seasonings and sometimes green tea. Three to four of these dumplings are often served on a skewer.

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