10 Hilarious Photoshop Trolls That are Gonna Make Your Day

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When you ask the internet for help, you’re asking for trouble.

Though we have already featured photoshop trolls before here, however it seems there is still plenty of them about.

Here are 10 more hilarious photoshop trolls.

1. DJ Afrojack asked his Facebook followers for help in fixing his Eiffel Tower vacation photo

In May 2015, DJ Afrojack asked his Facebook followers for help with fixing his photo.

Some fans did try to fulfill his wishes, but it soon escalated to these fun images.

2. Food blogger Yves Van De Ven gets trolled by the Internet

Belgian food blogger Yves Van De Ven has an inside joke with his friends  he tries to do super lame tourist photos at famous places around Europe.

Recently, he visited Paris and tried to do a touching the top of the Eiffel Tower photo, failing miserably on purpose.

He captioned all of his Instagrams with “nailed it.”However, something unexpected happened.

Someone put his Eiffel Tower photos on the anonymous imageboard 4chan, and turned Van De Ven into a huge meme.

3. An innoncent guy asks "can someone photoshop the sun between my fingers?"

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