10 Future Car Features You Must be Interested in

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Crazy ideas that are introduced with concept cars show up on production vehicles from time to time.

Here’s a list of 10 future features that may seem crazy now, but could realistically show up in your next car.

1. Car-to-Car Communication

As more cars get their own Internet connection, they will get the ability to communicate to tell what the flow of traffic is like in a certain location or whether there’s ice or snow to watch out for down the road.

Car-to-car communication will also help prevent crashes by allowing vehicles to alert one another of an accident before it is visible to the driver.

2. 3D Gestures

3D gestures will be one way we will interact with vehicles in the future.

Instead of touchscreens, joysticks and buttons, we will control parts of our car by waving our hands.

That means you can open the window by waving your hand up or down in the direction you want it to move. Or you can answer the phone by pointing at the information screen.

3. Smartwatch Integration

Smartphone integration is common in most vehicles, but wearable technology like smartwatches are also starting to get attention.

For example, Hyundai’s Android Wear app allows for a number of remote features including engine start/stop, door lock/unlock, flashing of the lights and sounding the horn.

What’s even cooler is that all those functions can be performed via the voice commands on the smartwatch.

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