10 Funny Dogs That Look Like Something Else

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As Dog Travolta makes "Pup Fiction" a reality, these dogs just take things to the next level. Why pose as a human pinup when you could be a Disney character, a piece of fried chicken, or billionaire playboy Richard Branson? There's no way that these are all the funny dog look-alikes out there.

1. Dog Looks Like Richard Branson

2. Chewbacca Dog

3. Dog Looks Like Putin

4. Shar Pei Looks Like A Towel

5. Greyhound Looks Like Sid

6. Puppies Look Like Fried Chicken

7. Komondor Dog Looks Like A Mop

8. Dog Looks Like A Muffin

9. Puppies Look Like Croissants

10. Dog Looks Like Dumbo

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