10 Food You Must Try When Travelling to Tokyo

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Tokyo is a culinary wonderland thanks to an incomparable uniqueness, Tokyo obsession with cuisine and an almost religious embrace of freshness and productive perfection.

The result is the following 10 edible treasures that we can never get enough of.

1. Kushikatsu - lightly breaded and fried skewers of - well, anything

2. Sashimilightly breaded and fried skewers of - well, anything

3. Tempura - seafood or vegetables battered and deep fried

4. Kushiyakithings that are skewered and grilled over coals(usually when it's chicken)

5. SakeJapan's national social lubricant - a clear and alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice

6. Japanese Breakfasta combination of things you've probably not come across before

7. Sushithe most internationally recognised part of Japanese cuisine

 8. RamenChinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat or fish based broth, often flavoured with soy or miso, topped with all manner of tasty treats

9. Bread and PastriesTokyo has a lot of boulangeries and patisseries, and they're really good at them

10. Department Store Food Hallsthe basement food halls of Tokyo's department stores have a global reputation for a reason


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