10 Emotional Scenes in Naruto Burst Us Into Tears

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Finally, we meet the end of Naruto among the top 10 complete manga of 2014.

Through we suffer from the story's  farewell, the memory of happiness, sadness and sorrow will always stay.  Take a look back at these 10 emotional scenes in Naruto that burst us into years.

10. Chiyo and Sasori

"“I’m the one who should have been killed.” -Chiyo"

Since they are related to each other, I decided to tie them together in the last spot. The background story about the two of them provided enough reason for me to be saddened by their deaths. Poor Sasori was killed by the puppets he created a long time ago that resembled his parents.

He could have dodged the attack, but it seemed like he intentionally let himself be killed for some reason. Grandma Chiyo, on the other hand, sacrificed her life to revive Gaara who died after Shukaku was extracted from him.

"“Everyone, pray for Elder Chiyo.”"

9. Neji Hyuga

“Why would you go so far for me?” -Naruto to Neji

Neji had been part of the story for a very long time, and when I heard that he would die, I expected it to be really heartbreaking.

Well, it was…a little. I was quite disappointed because I thought there would be some flashbacks like with the other characters before. I feel like that episode didn’t pay enough tribute to Neji. Nonetheless, the fact that Neji is gone is sad enough, and no one else can fill that void in his team.

8. Hiruzen Sarutobi

“The Third didn’t die for nothing.”

This was taken from the first Naruto series. I really have a soft spot for old people, so when the Third Hokage died protecting Konoha from the hands of Orochimaru, you can just imagine how doleful I was. The funeral scene made it even worse.

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