10 Disney Voice Actors Who Look Exactly Like Their Characters

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Many times, you’ll recognize the voice but you’d never be able to point out the person attached to said voice in a line-up.

There are certain vocal performances in Disney classics that are forever embedded in our minds and memories.

But we often have no real world reference as to who the performer is.

Here's 10 disney characters who could not look any more like their voice actors.

1. Pocahontas - Irene Bedard

Throw a turquoise necklace and an arm tattoo on her, and you've got your Pocahontas!

This one makes complete sense when you consider that the animators actually modeled Pocahontas after Irene Bedard, a Native American model and actress. Clearly, they did a pretty good job!

2. Lady Tremaine - Eleanor Audley

The magnificent Eleanor Audley has a villanous legacy at Disney; she also voices Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty.

But the physical similarities between Audley and Cinderella's opportunistic Lady Tremaine are striking. Some scenes were modeled after Audley's facial expressions and mannerisms.

3. Carl Fredericksen - Ed Asner

The famously gruff actor was the perfect person to bring the curmudgeonly Carl to life. Both men also have a heart of gold and deeply imbedded devotion to doing what's right.

The similarities go beyond their personalities, too, a fact made clear by just gazing at their two distinguished mugs. You know both these guys have seen a lot in their lifetimes.

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