10 Best Anime Worth Watching This Summer 2016

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4. 91 Days

91 Days is a Japanese anime television series. 91 Days presents itself as a revenge drama which takes place in the United States at the beginning of the Prohibition Era in the 1920's. And it follows a man named Avilio as he seeks revenge for the death of his family.

5. Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin

At war with the adjacent Kioka Republic, the Katjvarna Empire. In that region, due to certain circumstances, there was a certain youth unwillingly preparing to take the High Grade Military Officer Exam. His name, Ikta.

No one predicted that that kind of Ikta, would later become a soldier referred to even as a great commander... He who survived in a world embroiled in a war, with his superior genius.

6. Handa-Kun

First of all, handsome teenage calligrapher Sei Handa is liked by all his classmates as an aloof superstar - too bad his inherent negativity makes him believe that everyone actually hates him?!

7. Amaama to Inazuma

Single Father trying to raise his daughter, after his wife passed. He's a typical dad with bad cooking skills who is trying to keep his family happy and satisfied. Well, a student joins them and this brings a chance to bring this little family together.

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